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Want a marketing plan that delivers? (ie. Helps you figure out who your ideal clients are, helps you set realistic objectives and set priorities, and helps you more quickly and easily review opportunies that come your way.)

After meeting and discussing your needs and objectives for a marketing plan, Janine will research options, then come up with suggestions that fit both your needs and budget. She will create a marketing plan that is both easy to understand and use. This can include an advertising plan with recommendation on where to advertise as well as costs, but does not have to.

You can then take this Marketing plan and implement it or Janine can do it for you.

Why you need a Marketing Plan

How Janine Develops Your Personalized Marketing Plan

After meeting to discuss your business objectives and who you want to target, Janine will do some research in order to gain an understanding of your market; your customers likes, dislikes and expectations, your competition, and where opportunities exist.

She will then look at best ways to reach your target market that allow you to maximize your budget, and put together a recommended marketing plan. It will explain how each media will help you reach your business objectives and have an outline of costs.

You will then be able to take the Marketing Plan and implement it yourself, or Janine can carry on and implement it for you.
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"Janine really seemed to understand right from the start that even though marketing is marketing, the nature of my business as an alternative healthcare practitioner would require a slightly different approach. I appreciate that she took the time to get to know me, my values, and my passions in order to create a plan that I would feel good about, rather than just evaluating numbers and slapping them into a cookie cutter template." Arja PennanenLlytle, C.N.P. - Nutritionist



Helping Others
A percentage of all profits are donated to charity. Let Janine know if you have a favourite!

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