Can SEO Be Magic For Your Business?

SEO magicAre you looking for a little SEO magic to drive your website to the top of the rankings and bring in new clients on a regular basis?

Let me share a story with you that may help get you there….
(Spoiler alert – without magic!)

I recently received the following message from a former client, Kate Rita –

“Hey there, I hope you’re doing well. I got another new client today who signed on for 10 sessions. She found me online and told me that whoever did my SEO and website was very very good  Thanks again Janine, my website is really serving me.”
                                                                         -Kate Rita, Personal Trainer & Diastasis Expert

Pretty great, right? I LOVE hearing that former clients are doing well and their businesses are flourishing. And I’m glad that the website I built and SEO I set up is helping!

But……my SEO and I can’t take 100% of the credit.

When I received this lovely message I asked Kate to confirm what I suspected – that she has been regularly updating her website/social media. And yes, she regularly updates her website (by adding testimonials) as well as regularly posts on Facebook and Instagram.

So no SEO magic, or other magic tricks were used to get Kate’s results.

What Really Happened to Get These Results?

I set up Kate’s website with relevant and unique page titles and descriptions for each page, and Kate has continued to keep adding relevant information both to her website and on Facebook and Instagram. It’s now Kate who is doing the  “heavy lifting” of regularly sharing information that people find interesting and useful. It’s also time…..I built this website a couple years ago, and it takes time for results to happen. (no, not 2 years)

There definitely are some marketing basics that every business should have - a vision of where you want your business to be, a well-organized website (with logical SEO written for real people rather than just search engines!), business cards (of some kind….digital is okay!), and a solid brand that carries through everything. Then it’s the day-to-day hard work of the business owner that really makes the business. This is the real magic if you ask me.

In this case I’m happy to say that Kate’s hard work is propelling her business to success and allowing her to make a difference in many people’s lives!

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