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When Giving up is the Right Thing to do

Small business marketing - go for great

In the last week I have passed up on three job opportunities. All three would have allowed me to use my skills while also growing and continuing to learn (which is really important to me!). One was even for a company doing work I very strongly believe in. 

But none were the right fit. They would have been “good” but not “great”. (They’ll be great for someone I’m sure!). And as a risk-adverse person it was hard to push past the uncertainty of saying “no”. 

What helped me “give up the good to go for the great” was the knowledge that there is a perfect job for me out there. It’s part-time, marketing and/or project management, for an organization that is making a difference in our world. I know it’ll take work to find/create this opportunity but it will be worth it for so many reasons! 

What I want to ask you is this – in your business or organization, is there an area in which you’re giving up the great to settle for the good? Are you setting your sights high enough? There is definitely a time and place for accepting things, but there’s also a time and place for setting bigger goals and going for them! 

If marketing and project management are holding your organization or small business back I might be able to help you. But even if not, I encourage you to overcome your fears to do great things.  

— Janine