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Small Business Marketing in Toronto

You know all those projects you’ve been meaning to get to? Ideas you think would be great if only you had the time? Hand them off to an experienced marketing consultant and get back to what you do best. Janine specializes in email newsletters, research, and the development of presentations and proposals.  Note: Janine has a really varied background, so if you’re looking for someone who you can throw just about anything at, in addition to the below, Janine could be just the person!

Direct Marketing with Email Marketing

Relationship Marketing is incredibly important. Potential customers want to know about you & your company before using your services, and want to have some kind of a relationship. This is particularly important for professionals who sell their services and non-profits.

One way to very directly reach your potential and existing clients is through email marketing. Also called “Email newsletters” and “Promotional emails” and “e-newsletters”, email marketing allows you to:

  • Develop or strengthen a relationship with your customers
  • Share special offers & business info (ie. upcoming workshops/classes)
  • Educate your customers (and build your credibility!)
  • Communicate with people in a way they like (91 percent of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with*)

Plus, with email marketing you can easily track what you’re doing right and wrong, and it’s inexpensive!


Email Marketing Services

Janine can either help you get started with email marketing, review and offer suggestions to improve what you’re currently doing, or manage all email marketing from start to finish. 

  • Building e-newsletter template
  • Developing email marketing campaigns (incl automated messages)
  • Writing company e-newsletters

Presentations & Proposals

Whether you’re looking for an educational presentation or a sponsorship proposal, Janine can make it happen in a professional and results-driven way. 


Developing presentations is fun! It’s extremely rewarding to be able to take (sometimes too much!) information and boil it down to key lessons that can educate, enrich and entertain people. And then measure it’s results afterwards to make it even better. 
Let Janine develop presentations that are on-brand and deliver on your organization’s mission in an interesting and effective way. 


As a former Manager of Trade Advertising & Partnerships, Janine has reviewed a good number of proposals. She’s also developed sponsorship proposals for a successful IMAX film.  Let Janine develop “white label” sponsorship / partnership proposals for your company that you can then send out.