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Review: Free Photos for Small Businesses

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Review: Free Photos for Small Businesses

Finding photos can be one of the hardest tasks for small business owners. While we know that an image is much more interesting than reading paragraph after paragraph, it can be hard to find photos that don’t break the budget, with relevant subject matter, that are well-composed and with decent resolution. This review is a follow up to one I previously shared called “Free Photos For Your Small Business or Non-Profit!”  I’ve updated my “Favourite Free Photos” list since then…. If you’re like me, I’d prefer to have photos that are not so “stock-y” – ie. the cookie cutter images that you find on many companies’ websites, brochures, flyers, etc. I often recommend clients get professional photos done, but sometimes budget or time don’t allow for 100% personalized photos. So, following are a few free photo websites I’ve been enjoying lately.


Unsplash is my new favourite free photo website. It offers “beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.”  You can use these photos for personal AND commercial purposes! I am especially impressed with the high quality of the photos. The sample here is a social media post I created using an Unsplash image.  Note: The image sizes can be very large and could slow down your website – I’d recommend checking the size and making the file smaller if you are using photos online.  


Image from Pixabay

Pixabay is another of my new favourites. They have some incredible photos, as well as some videos, and no photo credit or payment is required. What I like best about this website is that they have illustrations and vector images. So when you need clip art (like these raspberries) or want to resize an image to be bigger without it becoming blurry (like this flower background) you’re set!

Vector graphic


Morgue File

Free image from Morguefile

Some Morguefile images are terrific!

Not a great photo from Morguefile

I used to really like Morgue File as they have a decent selection of free images and they don’t look like typical stock photos. However, I find I spend too much time sorting through the not-so-great photos in Morgue File to get to the good ones. Also, be careful as some of their photos require credit to the photographer. (which is not a bad thing – just good to be aware of.   Please, always double check terms of use before using any photo, and if you’re using photos online feel free to reduce the image size to 20kb – 100kb depending on how much of the page the image takes up. I hope you enjoy these free photo websites as much as I’ve been enjoying them!
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