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What is Content Marketing & Why Should Small Businesses Care? 

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Why Small Businesses Should Care About Content Marketing

You may not have heard of “content marketing” but you almost certainly have seen it if you use Facebook, watch YouTube videos or read e-newsletters or blogs. It’s everywhere (including this article)!

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What is content marketing?

Unlike traditional advertising, which focusses mostly on the advertiser, content marketing is all about the customer. A company using content marketing shares valuable free information rather than pushing a company message on people. James O’Brien said it best, when he said “Instead of the commercial, be the show. Instead of the banner ad, be the feature story.” At the heart of content marketing is storytelling and relationship building. Content marketing is one of the biggest trends in marketing for 2018 according to software giant Hubspot and most companies are jumping on the bandwagon, but that’s not why small businesses should care about content marketing. Small businesses should care about content marketing because it is about creating a strong relationship with customers. Also, 70% of people would rather learn about new products through content rather than traditional advertising? The people have spoken!

How can small businesses use content marketing?

First of all, let me tell you what NOT to do….don’t talk about your company and yourself! ie. A physiotherapy clinic should not just tell people that they offer massage therapy, treatment of vertigo, and sports physiotherapy. What small businesses should do to effectively use content marketing…..or put another way….to build relationships with clients, is think about how you can help them. This may apply in different ways to potential clients, existing clients, former clients, and people who may never be clients, but remember to consider everyone. A physiotherapy clinic might email clients monthly tips on various subjects like how to stretch at home to reduce pain or simple self-massage techniques. They could also produce a short video showing ways people can reduce the effects of vertigo themselves. See how these are directly related to the clinic’s services but are giving rather than asking? Here are some examples of content marketing: Types of Content for small business marketing Many small business owners in healthcare or wellness industries are already using content marketing in the form of regular e-newsletters. This is probably one of the easiest starting points for most small businesses. E-newsletters are extremely powerful because your clients have *asked* for them – you are talking to people who are already interested! And, they are very trackable….so you can tell if the topic is useful/interesting to people or not. If you want to talk specifically about your business and ways to use content marketing to connect with potential, existing or former clients, please contact me.