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Facebook’s New Algorithm Means Fewer Business Text Updates, More Friend Updates

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Last week Facebook announced a change to their algorithm that will result in fewer text-only updates from Pages (like your small business page!) showing up in people’s Newsfeed, Facebook fewer text messages and more from their friends. This is because (quite unsurprisingly) people are more likely to share text-only updates from friends much more than from pages they follow. For small businesses this could be a problem — fewer people seeing your updates means fewer people engaging with them, and fewer people who ultimately choose to become your customer. So, what can a small business owner do if they still want their posts to be seen by Facebook followers? A few things! First of all, try switching to more image-based posts like the example in this blog (above). Small businesses who are using video can also post more videos to Facebook. (ie. upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and link to it on Facebook) If you’re using video to share your unique message you should be sharing it on Facebook (and other social media) anyway, so just make sure to share company videos on social media other than the one on which the video is posted. The last thing small business owners can do is to use the link-share tool rather than embedding a link in the body of the post. Because people can see a visual more people click on it. Facebook what not to do Want more Marketing & Social Media tips and advice? Sign up for my newsletter to receive monthly tips directly to your inbox.